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February 6, 2010

Word 2007 – Compressing Pictures

Ever created a great Microsoft Word document and then tried to send it to someone only to realise it’s a massive file? This article show you how to quickly reduce the file size.

Reducing the Size of the File

So you’ve created your document in Microsoft Word 2007 and inserted several pictures but now need to make the file size smaller.

The first thing you need to do is make sure one of the pictures is highlighted/selected.

At the top of the Word, you have the tool bars (Home, Insert, Page Layout etc…)

If you’ve successfully selected the image, you will see the format tab, click on this to display the options available for images in your document.

The option we are looking for is compress (on left side of the menu), so click on the option and up pops a small window:

You now have 4 choices

  1. Cancel – I.e. Do nothing
  2. OK – Apply Current Settings
  3. Apply to Selected Pictures Only – if left unticked, this will apply to all pictures.
  4. Options – See below.


Clicking on options brings up another window.

The top two options do what they say (and best left ticked), the bottom 3 options allow you to alter the resolution of the images; the higher the number the bigger the file size. If you are only ever going to view the document on a computer monitor, then either E-Mail or Screen will do. For sending word documents by email, I always select 96 PPI.

So once you have selected the options you want, click on OK and then OK again. Word will now compress/remove any non-visible areas of your pictures and when you save your file it should now be a lot smaller.

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