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January 18, 2010

Why is SSH still popular?

Having been mainly involved in Windows system, I always wondered why people would want to use a shell to access a system.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I do my far share of  ‘CMD’ on windows but no GUI at all would seem a little daunting. It wasn’t until I got involved in a recent IT project that a realized the benefits SSH and a remote shell can provide.

  • Secure Access via client/server certificates
  • Tunneling

As more and more threats evolve on the Internet, its uber important to lock-down your systems but was the point of a system if cannot communicate?  So how to make things really secure, a long complex password, well this just means people end up writing them down…how secure.  So the situation I had was, I needed access to a windows system via RDP but needed it to be secure…the solution…a variation on openSSH.  By using client/server certificates, I could tunnel all RDP communication, making the server as secure as is possible whilst still maintaining functionality.

Tunneling also carries many more benefits, allows secure use of open wifi’s or using services which require you to be in a particular location.

It seems that SSH is a forgotten art…

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